The Saffron Martini

This one is a real treat of colour.   I have taken the rarest, most expensive spice and infused it into the most elegant of drinks, although note that you can buy very high quality saffron gin ready made here. I cannot claim credit for the original recipe. It has been created before at the incomparable martini setting – Dukes Bar, although they made it with … Continue reading The Saffron Martini

A Basil and Lemon Martini (and other herbal infusions)

I hate waste. If I leave my flat for an extended period of time (a fortnight for example) I can’t stand the thought of anything going off or out of date and I hate throwing things out. I might pickle certain things, like any leftover cucumber to make Japanese Tsukemono. Otherwise, with my herbs I do what naturally comes to mind. I stick them in alcohol.  … Continue reading A Basil and Lemon Martini (and other herbal infusions)

The Stinging Nettle Martini

   This is how to take the natural sting out of a nettle leaf and replace it with the more subtle but no less painful sting of vodka. Does it ever feel like nettles are taking over your garden… and your LIFE?   If so, don’t panic! Alcohol will come to your rescue.    Apparently the Romans imported nettles (Urtica dioica) to the British Isles … Continue reading The Stinging Nettle Martini

The Beet Up Vesper Martini at the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town 4/5

Behold, the oddest blog title I have ever produced! But you will see what I’m talking about in the bar review below.    I award the above-mentioned cocktail bar 4/5 for its variation on the classic Vesper Martini. Given the strict criteria of my Martini Ratings I could only offer full points upon trying a proper classic martini but if I offer my review in word form … Continue reading The Beet Up Vesper Martini at the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town 4/5

The Parmesan Cheese Martini

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese.”  Before you think “that sounds gross” I would recommend giving this one a try. This martini idea genuinely came to me in a dream. I woke up with a clear memory of shaking up a cheese martini and decided to google whether or not such a thing existed. It turns out that at least two recipes are out there … Continue reading The Parmesan Cheese Martini

A martini using gin infused with coriander/cilantro

 I have previously mentioned that Coriander (cilantro) is the Marmite of the herb world (you either love it or hate it). I have also previously mentioned that I love it. So I infused some gin with it. Coriander is already one of the flavours infused into many gin varieties, although juniper is (or should be) the dominant flavour. Being a traditionalist I would normally … Continue reading A martini using gin infused with coriander/cilantro

Green Tea-infused Gin

Here is a quick guide on how to infuse gin (or vodka for that matter) with green tea for you to use in a martini or an unusual gin and tonic. Simple, perfect, temperature-dependent, conducive towards mindful introspection… Am I talking about green tea or martinis here? I’ve previously made one or two gins infused with tea, such as Earl Grey but I wanted to … Continue reading Green Tea-infused Gin

How to make sage-infused gin (for martinis or gin and tonics)

I have sage growing in the garden so I thought I would make good use of it. When infused in gin it adds a subtle dimension to a martini. It also goes very well in a gin and tonic. Pick a generous bunch of sage leaves, approximately 15 per 100ml of gin you intend to infuse. Wash, pat dry, then roughly chop the leaves. Add … Continue reading How to make sage-infused gin (for martinis or gin and tonics)

Earl Grey Gin & Tonic

I previously made Earl Grey infused gin which I’ve used to make one or two martinis. However, for a highly refreshing (and less alcoholic alternative) I would also recommend this infused drink for a nice gin and tonic (yes, I drink tonic water sometimes). Right now it’s in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere but if you’re in Australia, Chile, South Africa, the … Continue reading Earl Grey Gin & Tonic

The Lemon Iced Tea Martini with Foam

While I first made this during the winter, I think it will make a better summer cocktail. It involves a similar preparation technique to the Lemon Drop Martini with Foam but uses Earl Grey infused gin as an additional ingredient. Leave out the egg white and the frothing process in this recipe if you want a simpler drink. For two martinis you will need: * … Continue reading The Lemon Iced Tea Martini with Foam