The Lemon Drop Martini with Foam

This is a slight variation on a classic American cocktail. I first encountered the Lemon Drop in New York. A barman asked me what I wanted and I said I felt like something strong and astringent. It’s a very simple combination of sweet and sour, and it’s easy to make at home. Leave out the egg white and the frothing process in this recipe if … Continue reading The Lemon Drop Martini with Foam

The Candyflosstini

Referred to in the US as the Cotton Candy martini, this concoction could also be dubbed the Diabetini. It can be very sweet and isn’t my sort of drink, but I thought I would experiment with it nonetheless. Get yourself some candyfloss. Mix together some chilled vodka, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice. A full lemon will yield enough for two of these martinis, … Continue reading The Candyflosstini

Garnish for a very sweet tooth

I made a slightly different lychee martini: 1 part vermouth 3 parts gin 2 parts fresh lychee juice 1 part sparkling lychee juice I didn’t use tinned lychee juice so I had no lychee fruits to garnish the drink with. However, my friend had a small collection of sweets for her young son. I raided this to produce a slightly retro garnish for a very … Continue reading Garnish for a very sweet tooth