The Lychee Martini

This martini takes us back to the United States but with a decidedly Asian influence. It was reportedly invented at a Korean restaurant in midtown, New York.

Add a touch of vermouth to a martini glass (although you can omit this completely if you like, and indeed in most cases I do), add around 15ml lychee liqueur, 35ml lychee syrup (from a tin of lychees) then top up with 50ml chilled vodka from the freezer.

Stir the drink and garnish with one or two of the tinned lychees with a cocktail stick.

I find that this tends to use up the syrup from a lychee tin faster than the lychees themselves. If I am left with several of these delectable fruits, I store them in the freezer until I have collected enough of them to turn them into a sorbet, perhaps with some of the juice left over from all those lemons I’ve zested as well.