Packing martini glasses for international travel

Martinis are an international drink, but transporting martini glasses in your hold luggage on an international flight can be difficult. Nonetheless, I will not go without a martini or two on my holidays so I had to work out a plan.

Wrap each glass in bubble wrap.

If possible, keep the original box that you bought the glasses in.

Place the wrapped glasses in the box.

Surround them in the box with soft things (clean socks for example).

Pack the box tightly and seal with Sellotape.

Pack in the middle of your luggage surrounded by firm, solid items.

Then prepare for your flight.

My friend kindly gave me a bottle of gin (under 100ml) and a plastic see-through bag to take through airport security.

Stock up on holiday supplies in duty free.

No prizes for guessing what I go for.

It’s fairly simple.

Enjoy your flight (I ordered a gin and tonic with olives and topped up the gin with the extra bottle my friend gave me – it’s definitely a good choice if you’re a bad flier).

When you arrive, hopefully this won’t have happened.

You know what to do next.

Enjoy your trip!

2 thoughts on “Packing martini glasses for international travel

  1. Very interesting tipp. I’m curious about the reaction of the security stuff if you only put a little bottle of gin in your hand luggage 😀

  2. An opening here for a custom made encompassing martini glass travel pack, perhaps including a battery operated chill system ?

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