A Martini with Pepper

This is probably one of the most simple martini variations I’ve encountered. It’s also surprisingly good. It’s basically a normal martini with freshly ground pepper stirred in. That’s it. I know – it sounds potentially vile. But extensive scientific research* has revealed the truth. You start by making a classic martini with lemon peel. For this variation lemon is more effective than olive. It pairs … Continue reading A Martini with Pepper

A Martini with QVT Gin

This bottle was a lovely gift from my amazing friend Sonia, a stylish and passionate Parisienne with a zest for philosophy, intense debates and seeking out the beautiful truth in life, love and both the brightest and darkest aspects of existence. While I was delighted with the quality of the gin and beautiful flavour profile, I was also surprised by the origin story of its … Continue reading A Martini with QVT Gin

A Martini at Cove Beach, Dubai

Was it the coldest martini I ever had? No. Was it served in nice, conical glassware? Also no. Was it one of the most enjoyable martinis I’ve ever had? Yes – I’d go back in a flash. The Venue Cove beach is a well maintained seafront, pool, lounge and bar area by Caesar’s Palace, not far from the Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates. … Continue reading A Martini at Cove Beach, Dubai