Miso Cucumber Canapés

These are simple, tasty and healthy snacks that only require two ingredients.

The cucumber brings refreshing crunch while the miso brings salty umami which together go perfectly with a crisp, cold martini. These snacks also go well with other drinks too (especially beer).

I used a syringe to squeeze out the miso paste but you can place small dollops of paste using two teaspoons. I realise that not every household has a syringe for chemical cocktail making lying around!

You can also re-use the knife and chopping board for making the martinis you want to serve with these canapes.

Simply slice the cucumber into rounds, then squeeze or spoon a little amount of miso paste onto each one. Add the amount of miso to taste, but don’t put on so much that the end result is overly salty.

You can also place two rounds of cucumber together with the miso paste between, like an Oreo or sandwich.

They will keep for about an hour if you cover them in the fridge but the cucumber will start to go limp, so it’s best not to make them too far in advance.