A Classic Martini Playlist

Much of the secret of enjoying a good martini is in the way that you make it. However, there are other elements beyond the drink that also contribute to the quality of the experience. Setting, lighting, ambience, atmosphere and company all play hugely important roles in your enjoyment.

One aspect is the background noise. You might have the rain tapping against your window, the crackling of wood on a roaring fire, or the gentle hubbub of a well-run bar, but an absolute winner is a carefully assembled array of music.

Maybe you could enjoy your martini with a jazz band, cabaret performance or pianist. Ideally, martini music is engaging but not overpowering, sophisticated but relaxed, elegant but sometimes with just a little hint of danger, tension or jeopardy – just enough to stir – but not shake the listener.

If you’re looking for a quick, reliable playlist to accompany a martini, look no further. I’ve stirred up a mixture of mid-century exotica, old world charm and classic Americana with a dash of speakeasy and just a spray of James Bond to give you over two hours of iconic martini music in this Spotify Playlist.

I will continue to mix up additional themed martini playlists on the Martini Socialist Spotify account for your listening pleasure. Please feel free to make suggestions, requests and recommendations!

A martini in black and white

One thought on “A Classic Martini Playlist

  1. What a fantastic playlist! Very thoughtfully curated, with impeccable taste (just like this blog – one of the best on the internet).

    Listening to it now, with a Beefeater and Dolin martini!

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