Lithuania’s Femme Fatale and Instant Martini Classic

Whilst casually watching Eurovision 2022, I couldn’t help notice that the overall quality of performances has increased significantly in recent years. However, one performance in particular caught me completely off guard. I can’t stop thinking about Lithuania’s Monika Liu. When introducing her, Graham Norton almost took it upon himself to warn us that this act was going to be “very retro” as if that might … Continue reading Lithuania’s Femme Fatale and Instant Martini Classic

A Classic Martini Playlist

Much of the secret of enjoying a good martini is in the way that you make it. However, there are other elements beyond the drink that also contribute to the quality of the experience. Setting, lighting, ambience, atmosphere and company all play hugely important roles in your enjoyment. One aspect is the background noise. You might have the rain tapping against your window, the crackling … Continue reading A Classic Martini Playlist