A Classic Martini Playlist

Much of the secret of enjoying a good martini is in the way that you make it. However, there are other elements beyond the drink that also contribute to the quality of the experience. Setting, lighting, ambience, atmosphere and company all play hugely important roles in your enjoyment. One aspect is the background noise. You might have the rain tapping against your window, the crackling … Continue reading A Classic Martini Playlist

“Shaken, not stirred”

Whether or not you are a fan of Ian Fleming’s work, you cannot deny the inextricable association of James Bond with martinis. When Mr. Fleming was writing about this complicated anti-hero character it was a time of austerity and post-war reconstruction, when international travel was for the few and parts of the world were rendered out-of-bounds by the Cold War. Part of the appeal of … Continue reading “Shaken, not stirred”

The “two martini” rule

In certain martini venues, the “two martini rule” is observed. Once you have consumed two, you must move on to a soft drink, such as wine or a gin and tonic. The reasons for this are obvious and I try to adhere to this rule at home. The rule is defended most enduringly (and elegantly) at Duke’s Bar in Central London, where years of experience … Continue reading The “two martini” rule