The Hot ‘n’ Dirty Martini

This is a prime example of a slight variation creating an almost entirely different martini experience. It also has a very eye-catching name.

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The drink is very similar to the Spicy Martini, in that you add a drop or two of hot sauce (tabasco is the most commonly used for this variation.

However, you also add olive brine to taste, as in the Dirty Martini. Depending on your preference, this is normally around 2-6 teaspoons of brine.


You can garnish the drink with a sliver of roasted pepper, or olives. If you can find olives stuffed with pepper or chilli even better.

My favourite garnish is a roasted and preserved pimiento piquillo pepper, not just for their smokey, sweet-spicy flavour, but also their arresting colour.


The hot ‘n’ dirty martini makes a really good aperitif. It whets your appetite and I think goes really well before seafood, although I would avoid it ahead of something particularly delicate such as sashimi. More robust forms of seafood might suit it better.

My favourite thing to follow a Hot ‘n’ Dirty martini is oysters.

How to Summon a Hot ‘n’ Dirty Martini

The process is almost the same as when making a classic martini but you will need to have olives in brine and tabasco sauce to hand.

  • When it’s time to drink, pour vermouth into a martini glass to taste (usually around 2-15ml or 0.5-3 teaspoons).
  • Add a drop or two of tabasco sauce to taste.
  • Top up with chilled gin or vodka.
  • Stir the drink with your chosen garnish (you might have to threat the olives onto a toothpick before you do this).
  • Serve and enjoy!

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