The Spicy Martini

This is a simple, classic martini, with the addition of a few drops of some form of hot sauce to taste.

It goes exceptionally well with, or immediately before, seafood (such as oysters).

The drink is typically made with a few drops of Tabasco, but you can substitute it with thicker hot sauces (such as Sriracha), so long as you muddle them with the vermouth in the glass before topping up the drink with gin or vodka and giving it a stir with your garnish of choice.

It can either be a twist of lemon peel, or olives as per normal, although if your preference is for olive, you might prefer the next drink on the list.

You could also serve it with slice of raw chilli, jalapeno, roasted pepper or some other bright and fiery garnish. I have served it with pickled pimenta biquinho (Brazilian beak peppers) in the past.

It also goes well with a nasturtium flower.

Enjoy whetting your appetite!

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