The Gimlet

This is another drink that technically constitutes a cocktail rather than a martini. Nonetheless, I have to include it, mostly because its simplicity reflects that of a classic martini.

It’s also very easy to make with very little preparation, so it’s good if one of your guests decides at the last minute that they don’t want a full-strength martini.

It’s essentially a half-and-half mix of gin (or vodka) with lime cordial. And it has to be Rose’s lime cordial if you’re listening to anyone, although there are also a few arguments out there that this is not the only method.

Alternatively, you could make it using a ratio of half gin to half sweetened lime juice. Indeed this is the preference of many astute and modern fans of the drink, such as The Juniper Chick who knows a thing or two about martinis!

For each Gimlet you intend to serve, juice one lime.

Add 2 teaspoons of sugar for each lime you have juiced and stir to dissolve. If you have sugar syrup or an alternative natural sweetener then add the equivalent.

If you keep your gin in the freezer and lime juice in the fridge, you can prepare the drink directly in the glass. Peel a small strip of lime rind and use this to stir the martini then serve with the the lime strip as a garnish.


  • Gin or vodka
  • Lime cordial (Rose’s is recommended) or sweetened, freshly squeezed lime juice
  • A lime for garnish

How to make

  • If you keep your gin (or vodka) and martini glasses in the freezer this takes seconds.
  • Take them out of the freezer.
  • Half fill the glass with Rose’s lime cordial or your sweetened fresh lime juice.
  • Top up with gin or vodka.
  • Take a twist of lime peel and stir the drink so it’s evenly mixed.
  • You then have a really complicated step of… I’m kidding. That’s it. It’s super super easy!

Enjoy this sweet and sour, refreshing cocktail. It serves as a pleasant dessert, or an accompaniment to salty snacks, especially after a long, hot day when you need a pick me up!