The Churchill Martini

This is a crowd pleaser.

Winston Churchill was one of the world’s greatest war-time political leaders. He was also a martini drinker. We can thank both him and the classic drink for leading the fight against fascism.

“I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me”

What should be noted is that Churchill liked his martinis to be somewhat dry, as the following recipe will indicate:

  • Fill the martini glass with gin
  • Glare at an unopened bottle of vermouth
  • Add an olive

If you are without a bottle of vermouth you could substitute it by bowing in the direction of Italy, or perhaps more deferentially in the direction of any current troop deployments around the world.

Cigars are an optional extra.

You can also add more than one olive but this will depend on your rations.

Don’t drink more than two.

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