The Smokey Martini

This is a beautiful, subtle and sophisticated martini with an evocative name that calls for wooden furnishings, cigars and a toasting fire.

It is a very simple martini to make, being almost identical to a classic martini, except with the addition of a small amount of whisky to impart a smokey flavour and aroma.

It is sometimes called the Burnt Martini, although this can cause some confusion with the Hot Martini. It is almost identical to the Paisley Martini except you use even less whisky.

To pour, take some whisky and rub it around the inside of the glass, including the rim, then follow the instructions for making a Classic Martini. Instead of garnishing with lemon peel, you could opt to leave it out and even omit from squeezing the peel into the glass in advance as this might cover up some of the whisky flavour.

This martini works well with peatier malts, such as those from the Hebridean islands, which impart a strong aroma, without overpowering the drink. My personal preference is for a Laphroaig whisky from the island of Islay but there are many varieties for you to try out.

A distillery on the island of Islay

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