The Jasmine martini

While I was jogging this morning I was arrested, not by the intense heat, the failing of my heart or the police, but by the scent of jasmine flowers growing on a bush in the neighbour’s garden.

As usual, my first thought was ‘how do I martini-fy this?’

I picked a handful (don’t tell the neighbour), but I’m sure you could use normal jasmine tea. I then followed similar recipes such as the Camomile Tea Martini and Earl Grey Martini.

Make a small cup of tea.

Add a spoonful of honey (or to taste).

Let it soak and cool down (you could do the same). I would recommend putting it in the fridge once it’s reached room temperature.

When it’s martini time, serve as follows:

1 dash/measure sweet vermouth (or to taste)
2-3 measures jasmine tea
4-5 measures gin/vodka

Garnish with some fresh jasmine flowers if you have some.

And maybe invite the neighbours over for a tipple. Even if it is their bush you picked the flowers from.



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