Politics are in uproar.

It feels like a full time job just keeping up with the news.

My recommended antidote is a cold, strong one; the silver bullet; the elixir of quietude.

Plus dogs/cats/plants if you have any to hand.

Here is my weekend cure: a classic gin martini with a twist of lemon.

The lemons came from the Co-op which I believe to provide the best store-brand lemons in the country.

They are almost always fresh, shiny, unwaxed and completely bursting with tasty lemon oil when you lightly squeeze the delectable rind.

I also made my own Bombay mix to go with it. I bought some wholewheat noodle nests but loads of bits of them had broken off, so I took all the loose scraps and deep-fried them with some peanuts and cashew nuts I had in the cupboard.

I then wok-fried some mustard seeds and threw in the noodle-nut mixture when the seeds started to pop. I stirred quickly, chucked in some curry leaves, a teaspoon of curry power, a sprinkle of salt and a grind of black pepper then stirred it quickly to mix it all up. I then tipped it onto a plate to cool down.

When it comes to texture, is there anything better than deep frying? Probably not.

There’s also something I find very comforting about South Asian flavours, but you could do this with all sorts of things. Maybe stir in some shredded nori seaweed or furikake at the last minute. Smoked paprika? Sea salt?

Whatever you choose, amid constitutional court rulings, impeachment proceedings and climate change, the resulting moment of peace that accompanied my citrusy martini and snacks was exactly what I needed.

Martinis ad infinitum

So many martinis…

Here’s one at home with a sprig of lavender.

In the garden during a hot summer sunset.

Dawn breaks over London. Yes, this happened at dawn. Whoops.

A more strategic martini, here with the Lewis Chessmen in the background.

Martinis, wine, olives and walnuts on a tree stump in the garden on a summer’s evening.

A late midsummer martini with thyme.

Martini and dog.

A martini garnished with rosemary. For a rosemary-infused martini see here.

A slightly dirty martini.

Another slightly dirty martini, this time served in the garden. Perfect for Glyndebourne.

And finally, a serene sunset… What a perfect end to a day.