A selection of other people’s martinis

With world martini day approaching (19 June) I thought I would collate a selection of martinis made by other people.

Here is a very elegant martini served in beautiful cut-glass, picture courtesy of Aquavit_1017 on Instagram.

A vodka martini with Tito’s vodka by Mr. Cradle.

The following are by the highly creative chef The Juan And Only Chef Sweaty


Above is his classic martini with lime.

Here is a kiwi-drop martini.


Here is one of his pomegranite martinis (I think this one would be very popular in the Middle East by the way).


And here is a home-grown guava martini. Where do you have to live so that guavas grow in your garden? Clearly not Britain (unless someone can prove me wrong?).

Here is a very evocative classic martini in beautiful lighting from martini_whisperer


And here are two silky-looking espresso martinis from texasraisedgypsies

If anyone else has any martini pictures they would like me to share please just tag me in the photo on Instagram.

A collection of several recent martinis

Here is another collection of recent martini photos.

This one is my equivalent of the Bat-Symbol. I put it up there to call on my friends from around London to come over and save the day.

This is the terrifying creature from the black lagoon martini.

Preparation for the Lord Mayor’s Show in London.

This Pineapple Martini is an addition to the selection of fruit martinis.

Here’s a simple classic martini.

Here’s another.

Here is a Japanese Pickled Ginger Vodka Martini. I think this one might be my second favourite (after a classic of course).

Another classic at night.

A beautiful picture a friend of mine took at Dishoom restaurant in Shoreditch, London. They set fire to alcohol inside the glass to heat up fennel seeds prior to pouring a Sri Lankan-inspired Arrack Julep. I have mentioned before that I love Sri Lanka

A very simple Friday night martini with Bombay mix. Time to unwind after a long week!

A classic Gibson martini (with crisps).

Classic martinis on the balcony at sunset.

A recent Earl Grey martini.

This is the most googled recipe on my blog right now: the lemon and lime drop martini.

A classic martini, served somewhat unconventionally, with sweet accompaniments.

Back to normal – a classic with pistachio nuts and Bombay mix.

Almost a meal in itself – a dirty martini with olives and pickled onions.

And one final Earl Grey Martini for good measure.

Phew! And now time for the detox.