Chilling the glass

I went to a bar last night where they chilled the martini glass using ice cubes.

This really doesn’t work. The glass will warm up very quickly, especially if the alcohol content hasn’t been stored in the freezer either.

It may take a bit of pre-planning and adjustment to get everything organised, but soon you will realise that keeping everything in the freezer is the only way to make a good martini.

Your freezer will look like this:

But your glasses will look like this:

And your martinis will look like this:

Although note that when the ice melts while you drink, it can dribble and make a bit of a mess. It’s worth using a paper napkin.

But it’s still better than a room temperature glass of almost neat gin.

One thought on “Chilling the glass

  1. So true. could even be worthwhile to invest in a small purpose made deep freeze. Lakeland, an opportunity awaits you.

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