Mum and Dad’s house gets 5/5 for martinis

I thought I would review my parents’ house to illustrate that you don’t need to be in a fancy bar to have a nice martini. I gave their venue full points for adhering to all the main points in the martini rating scale.

They keep the gin and martini glasses in the freezer and they use lemon peel to flavour and garnish the drink.

They serve good quality nibbles as an accompaniment.

While the service is usually friendly and professional the setting and atmosphere are almost always lovely (even when the central heating breaks down). We’re either drinking in front of the fireside in winter, in the conservatory enjoying the setting sun in summer, or in the kitchen overlooking the view, perhaps with additional relatives paying a visit.

If you follow the how to make a martini guide there is no reason why you can’t get full marks at home either.

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