Martinis y tapas

   Having spent an amazing weekend in Madrid I thought I would write about the drinking culture in the city and see what inspiration I could draw from a martini perspective.    Los Madrileños know how to have fun – without feeling guilty, without getting stressed and without getting post-apocalyptically drunk. If you feel like having a drink or having something to eat then do so. … Continue reading Martinis y tapas

London’s Dirty Martini bar gets 2.5/5

With fast, friendly staff and value for money, this chain of bars is the Burger King of the martini world. When serving a classic martini they get full points for their lemon peel usage. They squeezed a fresh strip of peel over the glass and even rubbed some on the stem to add to the citrus aroma when you drink. I was also offered a … Continue reading London’s Dirty Martini bar gets 2.5/5

The perfect martini setting

As I have already implied, the act of drinking a martini is almost sacred. If you’re going to consume such a large amount of alcohol in one drink you’ve got to make it count. As such, in addition to the drink itself, the temperature, the accompanying nibbles, etc, you should also consider the location. Unless your temperament suggests otherwise, you wouldn’t want to have one … Continue reading The perfect martini setting