More martini snacks and canapes

I’m just going to leave this here…    What could be easier than olives and cheese-stuffed peppers that you picked up at the shops on the way home? I particularly like the colour contrast of these two. Oh and the taste. You can’t go wrong with the lemony-buttery taste of Nocellara olive flesh, while the soft creamy cheese paired very indulgently with the sweet piccante … Continue reading More martini snacks and canapes

A hot drink for a cold

Two days later and I’m still sick, at home, restless but lethargic at the same time. So here is a post about a hot drink I made to try and alleviate some of my cold symptoms. You will need: -Lemon -Ginger -Garlic -Hot water -Turmeric (optional) -Chilli flakes (optional) -Whisky or brandy or rum (optional) Take a piece of ginger around the size of your … Continue reading A hot drink for a cold

How to make a really cold martini

Have I emphasised the importance of temperature in a martini before? Oh yes. Yes I have. So when you’re making a classic martini you can use these tips to get it really cold. Keep your gin and glasses in the freezer. If you want added chill, spray the glass with water at some point during the freezing process (at least 30 minutes before serving time). … Continue reading How to make a really cold martini

The Canadian Martini

Canada is one of Britain’s closest allies. It was only a matter of time before I wrote about the country. Have you ever heard of Five Eyes? It’s an intelligence term. I will let someone else give you the details, or you can read about it here. It’s basically an intelligence-sharing arrangement between five key countries – the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United … Continue reading The Canadian Martini