A Martini with Catriona MacLeod

This is a martini interview with Catriona MacLeod. I have wanted to have this conversation for a while now, and I was not disappointed. I also have to say that during our chat, Catriona gave me a rendition of Billie Holliday whilst I enjoyed my second martini. What an absolute privilege. What has been the highpoint of your day so far? I decided to wake … Continue reading A Martini with Catriona MacLeod

Recent martinis for World Gin Day

Just an assortment… A classic at home. My favourite non-classic: the Japanese pickled ginger martini. A dry classic martini at a French restaurant in Soho, London. A green tea martini. A sexy Gibson martini. My auntie has two gorgeous dogs. Here’s one of them looking somewhat morosely at Dad’s empty martini glass. And here is the other one. Happiness is drinking a martini with a … Continue reading Recent martinis for World Gin Day