Recent martinis for World Gin Day

Just an assortment…
A classic at home.

My favourite non-classic: the Japanese pickled ginger martini.

A dry classic martini at a French restaurant in Soho, London.

A green tea martini.

A sexy Gibson martini.

My auntie has two gorgeous dogs. Here’s one of them looking somewhat morosely at Dad’s empty martini glass.

And here is the other one. Happiness is drinking a martini with a dog sitting on your lap.

Some recent martinis at home.

A classic martini with pickled gherkins.

A martini made with coriander-infused gin (cilantro). Instructions here.

A classic martini with Balti mix.

An Umami Martini.

A dry classic martini and pistachio nuts.

And finally, a dry classic martini with crisps. Who wouldn’t like that? Happy World Gin Day!

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