The Saffron Martini

This one is a real treat of colour. A martini made with saffron is beautiful to look at, with interesting, subtle botanicals.  But what you would expect if you take the rarest, most expensive spice and infuse it into the most elegant of drinks? Note that you can also buy very high quality saffron gin ready made here. I cannot claim credit for the original recipe. … Continue reading The Saffron Martini

A Martini with Crushed Oyster Shell

I drifted into borough market the other day and found myself standing in front of a fishmonger’s counter staring at all the produce. I couldn’t leave empty handed and suddenly felt a craving for salty, briny oysters so I bought a handful.I’ve made a martini with oysters before (you can see the blog post here). This time, though, I was inspired by a story I’d … Continue reading A Martini with Crushed Oyster Shell