MEATMission in Hoxton

   A trendy-gritty burger bar with a creative menu and sinful atmosphere. A sister of Meat Liquor, MEATMission excels at ‘the dirty burger’ concept. Expect greasy, gluttonous, satisfying burgers in good quality buns (or wrapped in lettuce if requested) to the backdrop of dark decor and an imposing musical selection (you might find it too noisy but I enjoyed it).    Their drink selection is also … Continue reading MEATMission in Hoxton

London’s Dirty Martini bar gets 2.5/5

With fast, friendly staff and value for money, this chain of bars is the Burger King of the martini world. When serving a classic martini they get full points for their lemon peel usage. They squeezed a fresh strip of peel over the glass and even rubbed some on the stem to add to the citrus aroma when you drink. I was also offered a … Continue reading London’s Dirty Martini bar gets 2.5/5