Frozen glass

A nice frozen glass really adds to a martini. It helps keep the alcohol chilled after serving and it’s visually appealing.

As I’ve mentioned before, when the glasses have been in the freezer for a few hours, I might sprinkle water on them to add to the layer of ice. However, I recently treated myself to a small water sprayer to enhance the process. It’s just a small, cheap plastic thing but it does the trick. Fill it up with water and spray it evenly around the outside of the glasses (but only after they’ve been in the freezer and have frozen already). Put the glasses back in the freezer for at least 10-15 minutes before serving, although I often spray the water several hours before martini o’clock.

The finished product is much more attractive and it stays cold for longer. It’s also nice to watch the ice exterior change shape and gradually melt as you drink.

The one downside is that as the ice melts, it dribbles down and could end up dripping into your clothing.

It’s worth it nonetheless.





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