Earl Grey martini

Continuing my love of tea, I made some Earl Grey martinis for my family. Earl Grey has a citrus taste which compliments the gin very nicely.

It’s very easy to do, slightly zesty, refreshing and not as strong as a classic martini.

Make some earl grey tea. You will need approximately a third of a cup for one martini.

Squeeze some lemon juice to add to the tea. I used approximately half a lemon per cup of tea. I would recommend adding a teaspoon or two of sugar to taste at this stage as well. Stir to dissolve. Allow the tea to cool and put it in the fridge (or even in the freezer for about half an hour).

Serve as follows:

1 part sweet vermouth
2 parts tea mixture
3 parts chilled gin
Garnish with lemon peel



You could also use teacups instead of martini glasses for stealth drinking.


This helps keep nosey neighbours at bay.

7 thoughts on “Earl Grey martini

  1. I suppose you will now need to concoct a martini for ‘his daughter’ Lady Jane as well.

    Great photography!

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