Camomile Tea Martini

If I could drink only one thing for the rest of my life (other than water) I would pick tea, not gin or anything else. I love tea. It can be a gentle pick-me-up, a social bonding agent, a family focal activity or my first positive sensory experience of the morning.


I’ll usually drink simple black tea blends with milk, mostly Ceylon or English breakfast. Every now and then I’ll drink camomile tea.

For a Sunday evening martini I thought a camomile tea would be a good starting point as a variation on the usual classic. It was very easy to make.


I made a pot of tea with two camomile tea bags and enough water to make a cup. I left it to brew for about 15 minutes then poured the tea into a cup. I stirred in half a spoonful of honey although this could be adjusted to taste. I then chilled the tea. You could put it in the freezer for an hour or the fridge for an hour or two.


Next I took a slice of orange peel and squeezed some of the oil into the glass. I then added a dash of vermouth (or to taste) then about two measures of the chilled tea.


I then topped it up with gin and garnished with some more orange peel.


The flavour was subtle, with a hint of bitter orange which contrasted the sweetness of the honey and vermouth. It was very simple to make.

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