Egyptian Duqqah to accompany a martini

Ground nuts, herbs and spices served with bread and some good quality oil.  I was born in a town in Scotland called Alexandria. It subsequently says Alexandria as my place of birth in my passport, which in turn has led to some interesting questioning by customs and security personnel at various airports I’ve visited in the Middle East. “Are you Egyptian?” “I will be whatever … Continue reading Egyptian Duqqah to accompany a martini

South African biltong

I love most foods that are raw, pickled or cured (with the exception of tinned tuna). A lot of them lend themselves very well to being a good martini accompaniment.   Enter the biltong. Usually (but not exclusively) made from beef, seasoned and dried in blocks, this South African delicacy was born out of hardy necessity to preserve meat, often ahead of long journeys into … Continue reading South African biltong

The martini from Tanzania (aka the Serengetini)

My friend brought me some Konyagi back from Tanzania. Konyagi is a local spirit made in Tanzania that resembles something between gin and vodka. It’s a clear spirit with less juniper or other herbs. It’s also sold in plastic bags which adds to the novelty. Obviously my first thought was “how do I make a martini out of this?” So I put the konyagi in … Continue reading The martini from Tanzania (aka the Serengetini)