How to rapidly chill your gin, vodka or other bottles

I keep my gin in the freezer permanently, so I’m always ready to mix up a frosty, cold classic martini. Nonetheless, we can all get caught short occasionally. If you’ve only got an hour or two to try and cool down your gin from room temperature to sub-zero (centigrade) here’s a tip that can at least help speed up the freezing process. First, get two … Continue reading How to rapidly chill your gin, vodka or other bottles

A Martin Miller’s Gin martini

I first collected a bottle of this gin in Madrid airport duty free. The unusual branding caught my eye. Made with pure Icelandic water with a traditional English gin technique, it sits in a tall, proud-looking bottle with straight lines and clean imagery. There are strong maritime tones to the bottles appearance.    The gin has a crisp, dry flavour that you can lose in … Continue reading A Martin Miller’s Gin martini

Tanqueray in a martini

   I’ve previously mentioned my penchant for Plymouth Gin which I find smooth and strong on juniper, but tanqueray is another favourite.    There has definitely been a bit of a backlash (not a unanimous one though) against some of the more florally extravagant brands of gin to emerge over recent years. I would feel inclined to agree as I like gin to taste of juniper and … Continue reading Tanqueray in a martini