What to do if you find martinis too strong

Don’t worry, this is a common problem, and there are several options that you might find appealing. Quality First of all, make sure you’re using good quality ingredients. A poor quality gin or vodka will taste bad whatever you do to it in a martini. There is no soft drink to tone it down or mask the quality. Temperature Is the drink cold enough? It … Continue reading What to do if you find martinis too strong

The Skylon Bar, London 4.5/5

If you’re in London, treat yourself. It’s not that expensive and you’re guaranteed a good quality cocktail in an excellent setting.    This is a lovely bar in a wonderful, all-welcoming part of London. The brutalist Southbank Centre with its grand but minimalist polished concrete slabs enjoys a wonderfully soft form of acoustics. The diverse array of visitors range from pondering thespians to the philosophical … Continue reading The Skylon Bar, London 4.5/5