Roka Bar could rock my world with one small adjustment: 4/5

Roka: 4/5
Roka is a lovely Japanese bar/restaurant with a couple of branches in London.

I’m not here to review the food, I’m here to review the martini. They had a beautiful array of sakes, shochu and cocktails but with a very slight nudge their martinis could make this place out of this world:

They don’t keep the gin/vodka and glasses in the freezer. That’s all Roka needs to do in order to hit martini greatness. Given that sake drinkers often take pains to warm or chill their tipple surely a bar such as this could do the same with its gin. Dear Roka, please make this change to achieve martini greatness. All you need is a bit of room in your freezer.

Otherwise Roka had a beautiful selection of nibbles. The menu was excellent and we were served spicy edamame without even asking. This is a big win in my books, especially if you compare it to other central London bars. The service was highly attentive. The decor was soft, wooden amber-lit and adorned with brewing sake infusions of pineapple and yuzu. Overall it was a lovely experience. However, without the gin or glasses in the freezer, you might want to stick to Kirin for now.

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