Time to choose…

If you drink a martini with someone you have around 30-40 minutes to relax and sink into gradual inebriation with that person, bonding with them whilst having the opportunity to share some conversation, ranging from light laughs to some potentially profound life stories. It is a crucial, perhaps pivotal aspect of the drink. Picking your company can therefore be as important as selecting the brand of gin you use. 

Putting aside any family or current circle of friends you might enjoy, if you could share a martini with a celebrity, historical figure or fictional character who would you chose?
Winston Churchill? Joan Rivers? Prince Harry? Bill Murray? Roger Moore? Bette Davis? David Bowie? Hillary Clinton? That blonde dragon queen woman from Game of Thrones? Frank Sinatra? Greta Garbo? Brian from Family Guy? Queen Elizabeth I?

There are so many possibilities to choose from but I would love to hear who different people would like to share their tipple with. I have already asked one or two friends and relatives and already the vast number of possibilities and preferences have tickled me greatly.

Please feel free to suggest more than one person by commenting on this post or tweeting with the hashtag #MartiniWithACelebrity

I will collate the list very soon.

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